After lots of speculation and discussion on our end (see here, here, and here) Quentin Tarantino finally owned up to what we all assumed and admitted he'll be making The Hateful Eight after all, leaked scripts be damned. The film will be an out-and-out western, as we knew all along.

So, we can stop the contrived speculation, and just start reporting developments. That's good for those who don't like writing and reading small pieces of conjecture or having to read into weird little developments in the world of QT.

Tarantino made the announcement during a panel for the upcoming Zorro-Django crossover comic, which Tarantino did so that he could control the mythology of Django without having to keep making movies. I think we can all get on board with that.

One of the most uproarious moments on the panel came when Tarantino was asked if he would ever make a film that wasn't rated R.

"Fuck no," he replied.