Remarkably, Whitney Houston was spitballing a movie with music exec Clive Davis well before her death, so this may not be a standard knee-jerk case of capitalizing on a tidal wave of media coverage (see also: "Assange, Julian" and "Jobs, Steve").

While the frontrunners to play Houston are simply conjecture at this point, it gives us something to make fun of, so let's evaluate them.

Names being kicked around include Jennifer Hudson, Rihanna, American Idol contestant Jordin Sparks, and, naturally, Willow Smith playing "young Whitney."

Before Whitney gets the biopic treatment, she will be making one more appearance onscreen opposite Jordin Sparks in Sparkle, which sounds like a cut-rate Glitter, if such a thing were capable of existing. That should be sufficiently creepy.

Whatever. I'm just foaming at the mouth to see Rihanna and Willow Smith play the same character. That should be AMAZING. I wish they had both played Abraham Lincoln in Steven Spielberg's upcoming film.