You might know James Wan as the creator of the Saw series, but did you know he makes other not-very-good movies as well? And now, thanks to a deal between himself and production company Icon, you're going to see a lot more of them advertised on TV. He recently signed an 8-picture deal - most of these will have Wan on as producer, but he might find the time to direct a couple as well. Incidentally, Wan as a director has got Insidious coming out soon.

All snark reluctantly aside, this actually sounds like it might be promising, judging from this quote from Wan in the press release:
“I wanted to have the creative freedom and the ability to work with really artistic film makers who can help me bring an original and innovative style of genre films to the public. Paradigm paved the way for this and we have chosen to partner with Icon who are a perfect fit for us."

The first movie of this set is going to be House of Horror, based on a story idea by Wan. Who knows, maybe a couple of these movies won't annoyingly spawn a million sequels and make me hate it perhaps unjustifiably. (via SlashFilm)