Your First Strange Look At Hansel, And, To A Lesser Extent, Gretel

Thursday, March 31 by

Someone snuck some Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters pics on set in Germany. And if you like steam punk, a) You’ll love these outfits and b) What the hell’s wrong with you? Stop liking steampunk!

Jeremy Renner and Gemma Atherton are rocking some leather witch-huntin’ garb all right, looking almost like they wandered off the set of a Matrix sequel for a smok break.

Here’s a picture of Renner and his teamster doppelganger showing off their profiles:

Gemma Atherton looks hotly approachable while the ghost of Rutherford B. Hayes haunts her right shoulder.

Mr. Renner sees your clandestine attempt to photograph him and does NOT find it amusing.

Seriously. It’s NOT funny. Stop it.

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