You click the link because you remember reading the Choose Your Own Adventure series as a kid. It was fun because unlike regular books, they had an element of interactivity, allowing you to choose what course the second-person narrative would take next by deciding between two options. Now it looks like the new Red Crown Productions (who also has Goats in development) is working on a movie and possible franchise based on the series. Oh no! To stop reading about this development and pretend it's not going to happen, close the page. To read more about how this can be possible, go to the next paragraph...

You attempt to decipher a jargon-dense thatch of text from Variety about the new property:
Series encompasses more than 185 titles released 1979-99, starting with R.A. Montgomery’s “The Abominable Snowman.” Individual stories, told in the second person, cover a variety of genres and offer branching narrative paths based on choices the reader makes about the protag’s actions.

With more than 250 million books in print, series has been published in 38 different languages.

New incarnations of the property aim to explore the series’ similarities with new-media interactivity while tapping nostalgic auds who grew up during the series’ 1980s heyday.

You don't go see the movie, because it's going to be terrible. (FilmDrunk)