Bad news for people who like unintelligible dialogue. Christopher Nolan has bowed to pressure and re-dubbed Bane's audio for The Dark Knight Rises. Well, at least that's what he's done for the six-minute IMAX prologue. Perhaps Bane's audio in the actual film will still sound like shit. Fingers crossed!
Sources have now informed us that Warner Bros. has sent out a new audio mix for the Dark Knight Rises prologue to IMAX theaters, and Bane’s dialogue is now much easier to understand.

According to these "sources" who are no doubt risking their very lives to bring us this important information, the dialogue itself remains the same, but other background noise, including that of a plane, have been lowered, making Bane much more comprehensible. Also, there are rumors that Michael Caine's dialogue is now less cockney thanks to a 30% reduction in glottal stops. (Collider)