The house where a young boy was neglected by his parents and nearly murdered by home invaders is now on the market. The Home Alone house is a stately red-brick Georgian dramatically situated on a beautifully landscaped half-acre lot on Chicago's North Shore, and it could be yours for 2.4 million dollars. If you consider all that this wonderful property has to offer, that really is a bargain.

The grand entryway invites you into a home of comfort and luxury, and it's perfect for smashing paint-cans into Daniel Stern's face. And you can create your own memories in the legendary living room, like shooting Joe Pesci in the groin with a BB gun.

Of course, these pros are balanced by some potential cons. A few booby traps do still remain, so please proceed with caution. Also, the creepy old neighbor will stop by periodically looking for his son. Make no sudden movements and greet him with warmth, and it's unlikely he will hit you with his shovel.

This information should not detract you from owning this charming property. Wouldn't you enjoy the opportunity to hang a plaque on your house that reads: 'Macauley Culkin Shaved Here'? Contact Coldwell Banker if interested. (Buzzfeed)