And please, keep the fat, bearded auditions to a minimum.

Last week we told you that Todd Phillips is working on a raunchy, low budget comedy deemed Project X, which Joel Silver will co-produce and Nima Nourizadeh will direct. Unlike most outlandish secret projects in Hollywood, this one is actually panning out, as Phillips has given it a violent shove into the casting phase.

People with faces and voices and dreams and no shame can audition for a role in the 12 million dollar budget comedy at You need to be at least 18 years of age and look like you're actually 18, so Nic Cage need not fire up his Handycam. Your options for the video audition are as follows:

  • Tell us your most embarrassing story.
  • Tell us your craziest party story.
  • Tell us about the riskiest or most daring thing you've ever done.
  • If you wanted to impress someone at a club, show us how you would dance.
  • Show us the one thing that you do that makes your friends laugh.

How about all five at once, casting agents? I've kept a sh*tting myself yarn in my back pocket for years that's gonna bowl you over. Hollywood stardom, here I come! (Deadline)