You Are Old: These 7 Child Actors Can Now Legally Drink

Tuesday, September 13 by

Amy CastleAlly McBeal

Date of Birth: April 2nd, 1990

Even young Ally McBeal is driving and voting and doing shooters now. She also played the creepy murder-kid on the ridiculous soap, Passions, which is just plain awesome. If I owned a bar, Passions cast members would drink free for life…especially the orangutan.

Jake Lloyd – Star Wars, Episode 1: The Phantom Menace

Date of Birth: March 5th, 1989

The public’s chilly reaction to his performance in The Phantom Menace drove Jake Lloyd to retire from acting at the age of twelve, which is a shame. Just about everyone was bad in that movie. Even Liam Neeson, and he’s done roughly 1,000,008 films since then.

Craig Lamar Traylor – Malcolm In The Middle

Date of Birth: March 19, 1989

Don’t be surprised if you spot the kid who played Malcolm in the Middle’s wheelchair-bound Stevie in line at the club. Yes, he’ll have to wait in line. He’s not Dewey (who turns 21 next year).

Mackenzie Rosman – 7th Heaven

Date of Birth: December 28th, 1989

Being a Camden child, you knew that Ruthie was going to rebel in a big way. She’s currently 21 years old and posting naughty pictures of herself on the Internet while wearing very little (click here to see) and making out with other girls (click here to see). In other words, she’s ready to party. Now she can do so legally.

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