You Already Missed Your Chance To Learn Banksy’s True Identity

Tuesday, January 18 by

You may have already resigned to the fact that you will never know the real name of street artist/Exit Through the Gift Shop director Banksy. Well, this is still the case, but you did have a shot at learning the truth if you’d been richer and more vigilant. The secret was put up on eBay by a user claiming to know Banksy‘s true identity. It was pulled by eBay under the pretense that a secret is not tangible enough to be put up for auction. So the user then circumvented this by instead placing a piece of paper with Banksy’s identity written on it (clever, right?), but this has apparently been pulled by eBay as well. But before the auction was removed, the bidding had soared from three thousand dollars to one million, so unless you’re a recent trust fund beneficiary/lottery winner, this precious information will remain the stuff dreams are made of. I myself choose to believe that Banksy is actually Jon Hamm.

Some are speculating that the whole thing is a hoax put forth by Banksy himself, since the whole secret identity thing has earned him a reputation as a bit of a prankster. Well, that and the whole graffiti thing. (FilmDrunk)

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