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Yo Dawg, Heard You Like ‘Super 8′ Clues In Your ‘Super 8′ Clues

Monday, March 14 by

A mysterious viral campaign for a J.J. Abrams project? Impossible.

In the new trailer for Super 8, someone with lightning fast reading skills or way too much time on his hands found a URL in the camera flicker at the very end. The URL is and on the site are various movie clips you can watch. Not gonna spoil the content, but really, there’s not that much to spoil. I’m guessing the old school film countdown leader won’t play too significant a role in the narrative. There are probably more clips to come, cause of the empty film strip hooks on the rotator and “clip missing” screens. So, keep refreshing that website every single minute of your life for updates.

As the proud owner of a Dharma Initiative ID Card and a Slusho t-shirt, I wish I was more psyched about the new viral. This “old educational movie footage” feels a bit old hat after “Lost.” However, maybe this is the kickoff to a bigger promotion, which will lead to me getting another free t-shirt somehow. Then I’ll get excited about September 18, 1962 – I promise. (JoBlo)

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    No offense, but this website sure sucks a big one. I’m moving on to better sites.

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