If X-Men: First Class is a runaway hit, Josh Schwartz and Jamie Moss are going to be PISSED. But if it flops, it will be a welcome relief. That's because both worked on earlier drafts of the script but won't receive any credit. Or more importantly, bonuses or royalties. The ones lucky enough to receive extra payment are Sheldon Turner and Bryan Singer (story credit) and Ashley Miller & Zack Stentz and Jane Goldman & Matthew Vaughn (screenplay credit).
To make matters worse Sheldon Turner, a writer who didn't provide any material, is being credited as such.

Here's what happened. Way back when in 2003 shortly after I finally shaved my soul patch off, Turner was brought in to write X-Men Origins: Magneto. Plans for that film went away while the studio scrambled to pick up all the money audiences threw at X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

During this time, "Gossip Girl's" Josh Schwartz was brought on to write an X-Men story that skewed younger. Then Bryan Singer announced his plans to direct and brought on his on writers. Then he dropped out, leaving the job open for Matthew Vaughn, who brought on Jane Goldman. Which means that this cake is getting cut a lot of ways but Schwartz and Turner aren't getting any no matter how long they awkwardly stand around expecting a slice. The ratio of people-to-cake is too big. (THR)