Yesterday we saw an X-Men: First Class preview that makes Toad seem cool by comparison. Earlier today we got another cleavageriffic shot of January Jones as Emma Frost that's sure to get fanboys harder than her diamond form. Tonight we get a big, fancy looking "X."

Man, that's some X. Maybe it's the biggest X in eXistence? When I first saw it, I assumed I was on X, that's how big it is. Then I made jokes about Xzibit, xXx and eXit Through The Gift Shop, after which everyone on the internet simultaneously nominated me for a Bloggy Award.

Apparently, Team X-Men is still working on the trailer, since "they've still got a ton of visual effects shots left to slug into the thing," according to Harry Knowles. So, until then, you'll just have to be satisfied with this metallic plaque poster, bub. (AICN via JoBlo)