Reuniting the casts of X-Men: First Class and the original X-Men trilogy was an exciting prospect for 20th Century Fox. But also one that they'd have to pay for. With so many big name actors and Shawn Ashmore involved, it should come as no surprise that the budget would have to be large. However, would you ever think it would cost almost as much as Avatar?

While covering the news that Bryan Singer is headed to Canada for two weeks of re-shoots, the Calgary Herald refers to the film as "the second-most-expensive movie ever produced by Hollywood studio 20th Century Fox, behind only Avatar."

Avatar's official budget clocked in at $237 million dollars and the most expensive X-Men film to date, X-Men: Last Stand, budgeted at $210,000,000. The lesson here being that if Hugh Jackman starred in Avatar, it would be the most expensive film of all time. (via THR)