Because the cast of X-Men: Days Of Future Past isn't large enough already, Bryan Singer has announced he's cast American Horror Story's Evan Peters to play Quicksilver. The mutant  is named such based on the punny combo of super-speed and shiny gray tresses.

What makes this story interesting is not the news that Peters beat the guy who plays Pauly Walnuts to the role, but that Joss Whedon just got done telling everyone that he planned to include the character in The Avengers 2. Legally, Singer is entitled to use the character since the rights are owned by both Fox and Marvel but won't it confuse the baby if we have two Quicksilvers coming by the house? It will be interesting to see how Marvel deals with this. Will they nix their plans completely, or decide that there's room for two underdeveloped iterations of the classic character? (Bryan Singer's Twitter)