Bad Santa took everyone by surprise with it's unflinching raunch, wit, and willingness to show a dwarf punch a child in the nads and vice versa. So, of course, I'm willing to watch another go 'round. And so is everyone behind the scenes it seems.

The film's producers, along with Dimension Films and Miramix have hired two writers to draft two different scripts for a sequel. The writers are Johnny Rosenthal, whose million-dollar script Iron Jack has been stuck in development since 2009, and Dirty Grandpa writer John Phillips. The idea is to use one for Bad Santa 2 and maybe the other for a third film. I like to imagine that they are bitter rivals working on their scripts in the same coffee shop. Casting one another icy glares and putting laxatives in one another's lattes when the opportunity arises. May the best man win!! (LA Times)