Writer-Turned-Director Dan Fogelman Offered $3 Million For Steve Carell’s ‘Imagine’

Monday, November 8 by

Screenwriter Dan Fogelman is getting paid out the wazoo for his directorial debut… even though he wrote Fred Claus. He’s signed on to direct Steve Carell from his own script in Imagine. Between his writing fee and his directing fee, he’s looking to take home at least $2 million. And that’s just on spec. If the film actually gets made, he’ll net $3 million. Which sounds like a dream gig. If Warner Bros. is paying people for having ideas, then sign me up. I have ideas ALL THE TIME. Just trust me on that.

Whereas my ideas usually earn me nothing more than the request that I stop distracting the bus driver, Fogelman had the idea to write a film about an aged rock star who discovers he’s Steve Carell’s dad via a recently-recovered letter from John Lennon. Sure, I could sit here and comment on this plot or monster payday, but that would require thought, and the going-rate for thought nowadays is $2 million. Since that’s unlikely to happen, I’m handing the reins over to Deadline commentor “Steve Jobs.” Take it away, Steve!

“Dan is good in film writing no wonder he will soon get what worth his job is. I like Steve Carell from the moment I saw him in one movie where he plays the role of a newscaster opposite Jim Carey. He did his comedy acts so well.”

Hear, hear.

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