Would You Pay $50 For This ‘World War Z’ Ticket Deal?

Friday, June 14 by
Audiences are falling over themselves for this deal! 

I would have put “deal” in quotes in the title if it didn’t clutter up the headline so much. The “deal” is, for $50, you get an opening night 3D ticket, a small (!) popcorn, a voucher for an HD digital copy of the film, full size poster, and you get to keep your 3D glasses.

So basically, you get a lot of crap for an extra $35. I guess if you’re a fan of the book, and you completely ignore the fact that the film is nothing at all like the book, then it would kind of make sense.

Anyway, if you’re in Houston, Irvine, San Diego, Atlanta, or Philly you’ll have this option. To all others: I’m sorry, but you’ll only have the option of paying $35 less to see this film.

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