Sometimes we forego being a respectable movie and TV site in favor of much more entertaining pursuits such as photoshopping boobs on movie posters. That means that sometimes the industry news falls through the cracks.  Here are some of the stories from this week.

Allen Ginsberg biopic is in the works. (/Film)

Wes Anderson decides to get to work, taking another crack at overwhelming mediocrity. (Comingsoon)

The Cohe brothers just don’t ever stop as production on A Serious Man begins in Minnesota. (Reelzchannel)

Darren Aronofsky made a serious wrestler picture, Fox Searchlight bought it for 4 million, and people are saying its pretty dope. (Filmschoolrejects)

People were also all like “Hey, Philip Seymour Hoffman is going to be playing The Penguin in the next Batman” and it was bullshit. (Screenrant)

And Will Smith as Captain America? (Filmdrunk)

Now you're in the know.