Paramount To Punch You In The Face With ‘WorldStarHipHop: The Movie’

Wednesday, August 6 by

If violence is never the answer, why aren’t they making movies about people respectfully sitting down and talking to strangers until they’re unconscious? Paramount’s Insurge Pictures – the studio’s micro-budget shingle – has picked up a WorldStarHipHop movie. Whatever that looks like. Based on the website most popular for posting bystander videos of brutal public fights, the plot is said to somehow be akin to Ferris Bueller’s Day Off in tone. I’m assuming that means in this version Ben Stein will get punched out from behind.

How To Make It in America creator Ian Edelman will helm the project with Russell Simmons producing. Edelman’s a talented filmmaker and Simmons is a mogul and both come with a certain pedigree, so maybe this movie will be more than just yelling and punching. Sounds boring already. (Deadline)


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