Fans of the book will be disappointed, while those who haven't read the book won't weigh in, so the big reveal of the World War Z plot will probably come as a disappointment to everyone who has an opinion right now. Rather than breathe life and imagery into the dozens of oral retellings that the book consists of, which would admittedly be cost-prohibitive, the film will follow a much more traditional narrative, following Brad Pitt's Gerry Lane, a UN employee, as he races to stop the zombie outbreak.

That plotline doesn't sound bad, but it seems to squander so much of what made the book unique. Of course, what makes the book unique is exactly what makes the book difficult to stick to in a film adaptation. I suppose a straightforward zombie story with World War Z's thoughtful mythology is better than one without it, but it's a little disappointing nonetheless that the studio and director Marc Foster are compromising, though it's not surprising.

World War Z hits theaters December 21, 2012.