After a few false starts and budget scares, World War Z is happening. World War Z is real. To prove it, the producers decided to step out with another casting announcement since it was revealed that Brad Pitt, in addition to producing the film under his Plan B banner, will be starring in the film as well. James Badge Dale will play a soldier that tries to warn the powers that be that there might be some zombies floating around, and they might want to deal with them sooner rather than later. Pitt will play a sexy researcher for the United Nations. I added the "sexy" part.

World War Z is based on the Max Brooks book that serves as an oral history memorialized ten years after a fictional zombie war. Also, it's really, really awesome.

You might know James Badge Dale from"The Pacific," and you might not know him from AMC's short-lived "Rubicon." And there's a decent chance your 7th grade English teacher made you get familiar with him as Simon in Lord of the Flies. (Variety)