Kevin Smith's new horror movie Red State is currently set to scare/disgust/not get a reaction from critics at the Sundance Film Festival, but Smith is already drumming up publicity for his next movie. The final credit card for Red State reads as follows: "“Almost this entire cast will return in Hit Somebody.” I looked it up, and it turns out that Hit Somebody is NOT about Don Rickles's famous line to Frank Sinatra:
Based on the Warren Zevon song, Hit Somebody (The Hockey Song), the story is about an insanely passionate hockey player named Buddy who gets his chance play professional hockey for the World Hockey Association, but as an enforcer. The movie tells the story of a hockey enforcer who strives to score just one goal in a hockey game. The film adaptation will be set in the late 1970s right before the World Hockey Association was absorbed into the NHL, “during the last gasp of the goon era of hockey when it was all about fighting.”

It reminds me of this hilarious joke that I just made up: "I was watching a fight and out of nowhere a hockey game broke out!" Ha! Anyway, on Twitter, Kevin Smith revealed that Michael Parks and John Goodman will be playing Buddy's coaches at various points in his hockey career. He said some other stuff too but as usual I can't tell what the hell he's talking about. (via SlashFilm)