Woody Harrelson And His Awesome Weed Join ‘Hunger Games’

Tuesday, May 10 by

Woody is kind of a strange name. The Hunger Games is full of characters with strange names. I can smell the synergy. Oh… no, wait, that’s hemp. Never mind.

It’s official: Woody Harrelson has joined the cast of The Hunger Games, the endlessly-buzzed about Lionsgate adaptation of the first in a series of popular, dystopian tween novels by Susanne Collins. Harrelson will play Haymitch (“Hey, Mitch…’sup?”), the drunken winner of the 50th Annual Hunger Games, which took place over 20 years ago. Is Haymitch just a code name his character chose, in place of Woody Boyd? Does The Hunger Games take place in the “Cheers” universe? If so, I’m way more interested. Also, if so, which year did Norm win?

The Hunger Games, directed by Gary Ross and starring Jennifer Lawrence, hunts people in theaters March 23, 2012. (Hollywood Reporter)


  1. May 10, 2011 4:44 pm


    I’m not really sure why Screen Junkies posts about The Hunger Games with such disdain, but as a 29 year old heterosexual man that lives with his hot wife and two nine pound dogs and commutes to work almost 100 miles a day in a 2002 Mitsubishi Eclipse, I am NOT ashamed to say that The Hunger Games is a bitchin’ series, and is going to make for some bitchin’ movies.

  2. May 10, 2011 4:44 pm

    Doctor Petroleum

    This article made little sense, I regret reading anything but the headline. The Hunger Games is really a good series, even if the writing leaves much to be desired.

    Anyway, it isn’t fruity likeTwilight or Harry Potter, the series is more like Battle Royale in a big way but goes a long way to try to surpress the violence. Really wish they didn’t puss out and went for an R rating.

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