Woody Allen's newest film, The Wrong Picture, despite being set in Italy, appears to be suffering from a dearth of Italian actors. Now this could be remedied by getting the casting director to sift through hundreds of resumes, headshots, and auditions, or it could simply be resolved by getting the loudest, most ridiculous Italian stereotype in the world to appear in the film.

Roberto Benigni: That's your cue.

The writer/director who won an Academy Award for 1997's Life is Beautiful and ruined Pinocchio for the four people who saw his version is said to be close to appearing in Woody Allen's latest. He would join Alec Baldwin, Jesse Eisenberg, Penolope Cruz, and Ellen Page in roaming the streets of Italy and talking about white-people problems. The film is being dubbed a "Rome-com," which is just the type of joke that Woody Allen fans will love and normal people will hate.

Benigni has been off Americans' radar since a brief appearance in in Jim Jarmusch's Coffee and Cigarettes. Unless you consider appearances in Jim Jarmusch and Woody Allen films as keeping the "off the radar" streak alive. Which I do. (Deadline)