I’ve seen the movie Priest already. The 1994 Miramax drama really asked important questions about the church. I was the only one at WonderCon who got that joke. The version of Priest that previewed there looks way cooler. They showed a full sequence and a sizzle reel.

The money shot in the extended sequence is when Priest (Paul Bettany) cracks open a bible, crosses fly out and turn into ninja stars which he hurls at the vampires. Priest and Hicks (Cam Gigandet) have entered Night Shade, an underground reservation for surviving vampires.

There’s slime on the banister and Priest kicks in a door to find a Renfield-esque creature babbling in the dark. Some vampire goons throw axes at the vampire hunters, and Hicks just tosses one back at ‘em. Hicks is going to shoot the other three, but Priest tells him to save his bullets and takes them all out with broken bones and stabbing.

It’s only when the sun goes down that Priest advises Hicks to get his gun. That’s when the horde of vampires come out and Priest has to unleash the ninja crosses. The nighttime vampires look like CGI. They’ve got four fangs biting at the heroes and bald wrinkly heads covering any eyes they may have had but no longer do. It’s a generic monster. The way they’re dispatched is cool.

The sizzle reel kept coming back to a sequence with a train. In a Mad Max-ish desert, they ride motorcycles to catch the train. We see Priestess (Maggie Q) take out a lot of evil motorcyclists. She jump kicks one off his bike. She knee slides under a scythe blade. She lassos a bike and flips it over. She even lassos a vampire in mid-air and rips him in half. A lot of trainto fighting too.

The footage had a familiar gray-blue look although the production value looks higher than the usual blue-gray horror movie. The 3D looks fine but creates a good solid image for Bettany and Q to pose in after they take out the bad guys.