Wonder Woman’s Third Outfit Will Suck Even Less, Says NBC

Tuesday, April 12 by

Way to cover your ass, NBC. For some reason, but not at all to appease the bitching factions on the Internet, Wonder Woman (Adrianne Palicki) will have three different outfits: formal, casual, and beach wear. Those aren’t the actual themes, but we have seen two of them. There’s the original plastic S+M getup (my fave), then the fabric-y one that makes her look like a drum major and a bellman at the Waldorf had a love child. Now comes word of a third outfit that will be inspired by the original. I’m guessing it will be some sort of wildly unflattering one-piece.

NBC Entertainment president Robert Greenblatt has claimed that the plans of the costume designers and producers haven’t changed one bit in the face of fanboy criticism. He also claims that the outfit the fans really want to see will be unveiled sometime in the near future. Way to keep ‘em wanting more, Robert. Unveil two shitty-ish costumes that piss everyone off, then save the day with the third.

I honestly hope that wasn’t their plan all along. (TV Line)

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  1. April 12, 2011 12:41 pm


    the more personalities, the more terrible outfits you need

  2. April 12, 2011 12:41 pm


    To me Lynda Carter will always be the only Wonder Woman, but I’m willing to give Adrianne Palicki a shot. I would like my 1 year old niece to like Wonder Woman as much as I do.

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