Tuesday, we gave you a glimpse of Watchmen's Malin Akerman, a.k.a. The Silk Spectre II.  Now meet her mom... the original Silk Spectre, played by the shapely Carla Gugino.

Carla's the rare sort of actress that shows her assets in adult fare like Watchmen and Sin City, then covers herself and relies only on acting talent in kid flicks like the upcoming Race to Witch Mountain, or the Spy Kids franchise.  Though I did hear that for Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over, they had to frame Gugino from the neck up so she didn't accidentally gouge anyone's eyes out in the theater.  Ga Ga Guginooooo!

More pics after the jump...

Scroll down to see a Betty Page-style pinup of Gugino as Silk Spectre.  It's a piece of production art from Watchmen, and I hear it pops up in the movie somewhere in the background.  I plan to watch the film three times: Once to soak it in.  Once to decide whether it is the greatest comic book adaptation on film EVER.  And once more to find this pinup art in the background so I don't look like a liar.