‘Women in Trouble’ Actress Marley Shelton

Friday, November 13 by

Forget about all the other stuff Marley Shelton has done, most importantly she was the hot lifeguard Wendy Peffercorn in the awesome movie The Sandlot. That film taught me to NEVER hit a ball over into James Earl Jones’ yard. He’ll rape you, kill you, and bury you in the crawl space in his basement. Wait, that’s the The Sandlot, right?

A word from Marley: “See how fast my friends work…….you’ll never see me again……”

Marley must hang out with a rogue band of sorcerers and magicians. That’s a rough group, let me tell you. I never messed with those guys in high school. Their lunch table always smelt like burnt hair.

I bet Marley smells like roses in the pics after the jump.

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