It wouldn't be Comic-Con unless someone got run over by a car. Normally, it's just Twilight fans, or some guy dressed in a goofy costume, but it stings a little more when you learn it's a 64 year-0ld woman. Fortunately, her injuries are not being reported as life-threatening, and the common thought is that she may have a broken arm.

And yes, she was participating in the ZombieWalk, in which people dress up like zombies and...walk.

She was hit by a 48 year-old deaf man driving with his deaf family, who were apparently very scared by the sudden presence of hundreds of zombies (JESUS), and his children's reaction may have led to the crash. Ugh. It gets worse.

According to reports, the kids were freaking out by the presence of zombies, so despite the fact that the driver had to stay put to allow the throng of zombies to pass, he started to inch forward to get his kids out of there. The mob turned against him, punching windows and jumping on his hood (DOUBLE JESUS). No charges have been filed against the poor dad. Poor kids. Poor lady. Poor everyone.