Wolfgang Peterson Likes Watching Old Men Fight

Wednesday, February 23 by

With science fiction and fantasy films more popular than ever before, it makes sense that Hollywood is going to start turning to the field of scifi novel series for material. And now it looks like the series by John Scalzi called Old Man’s War. Here’s a needlessly long plot synopsis:

“The hero is a 75-year old man who, having lost the love of his life, is amenable to trading his old carcass for a younger, genetically enhanced body so that he can combine the experience of age with the strength of youth and join an outer space military coalition sent to protect human colonies in outer space. Inductees agree to leave their past lives on earth behind, and are promised  land on distant human colonies if they live. Injured in battle, he’s rescued by a special-forces officer who seems to be a younger version of his wife. She doesn’t recognize him, but he’s so convinced he has another chance with her that he abandons his unit and risks everything to be with her.”

Petersen would be directing his first film since 2006’s Poseidon, which was a flop, but he definitely has the capacity to make more blockbuster movies like In the Line of Fire and Troy, and this could be the property that helps him do it. (via Deadline)

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