First there was The Hangover. Then there was "The Hangover for women," aka Bridesmaids, which it totally wasn't, but there you go. Now we have what sounds like a mixed-gender Hangover in the works. When are we gonna see what a hermaphrodite Hangover would look like? When?

[post-album postid="12291" item="1"]Sascha Rothchild sold a pitch to Dreamworks called Who Invited Her, about a woman who insists on being part of a dude's bachelor party weekend. Reese Witherspoon will produce, and the project is being developed for her to star. This makes me worried that ladies are going to start "Witherspoon-ing" bachelor parties. From there, it's only a matter of time before women invade male-only professions, like law enforcement and space travel. What? There are lady cops and astronauts now? Damn it, this movie is already ruining everything, and it hasn't even been written yet.

Gary Foster ("The Soloist") will produce alongside Witherspoon. (Variety)