In a bit of news that will make every parent cling to their child with tears in their eye, the director of Winter's Bone, the fun romp about an Ozark girl out to find the corpse of her father, has told the LA Times that she's working up a treatment based on the adventures of lovable imp Pippi Longstocking. In fact, Debra Granik, the director in question, mentioned it as an aside during the interview, as though she didn't think it was insanely weird and newsworthy that she was working on a project so diametrically different than Winter's Bone.

One can't infer too much from the single comment made about this treatment, but recent history has demonstrated that studios have been enamored with such weird pairings, so while it's early, it's not outside the realm of possibility that this could get done. While the script gets put together, the mental image of Pipp fighting tears while cutting the hands off a corpse should be a good reminder that this project is in the works. Yikes.