Finally, your life can feel a little more like those of hardship and despair presented to us in Winter's Bone. The parties responsible for the soundtrack (Marideth Sisco, Dennis Crider, Linda Stoffel, Tedi May, Van Colbert, and Bo Brown, for all you Americana folk junkies out there) are touring the US, giving big cities an evening of sorrow and remorse and providing the perfect soundtrack to which you can remove your dead father's hands.

If you get invited to this concert by your significant other, there is a 55% chance that they will break up with you during the concert or immediately after. I, however, would break up before, and let the soulful musings be our soundtrack to loss, leaving the door open for, one day, redemption.

The A.V. Club's article was unclear whether you have to bring your own mangy coon hound to the venue or if filthy dogs will be provided for all ticketed patrons.