Winged Malkovich and Hathaway in ‘Spiderman 4’???

Tuesday, December 8 by

Damn you Spiderman 4 internet casting rumors. First you had me believe that The Lizard would be the villian in Raimi’s next installment of the franchise. Then you told that Rachel McAdams would don a sexy cat suit for the sequel and that turned out to be a lie (or a mean-spirited prank played on my peen) too. Today there is news that I want to believe but I’ve been hurt before and I’m just not ready.

Movieline reports that the Lizard is out and John Malkovich has been approached to portray bird-themed bad guy The Vulture (my condolences to Patrick Stewart and Ben Kingsley). Making this report seemingly more full of poop is the news that Anne Hathaway is being eyed to step into the role of Felicia Hardy. But not the Black Cat alter-ego Felicia Hardy we all know from the comics. This version of Felicia Hardy would become a new villian known as the Vulturess.

I just don’t know if I can believe this. That whole incident with Rachel McAdams and my peen has left me with trust issues.  If this is the truth however, I hope the Vulturess costume looks a little something like this:

(via Movieline)


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