In the last decade or so, the phrase "family comedy" has brought shivers down my spine, showcasing former greats such as Steve Martin, Ice Cube (I think he's great, anyway), Eddie Murphy, and a myriad of others as they get pummeled in the crotch by little children. That's what "family comedy" means to me these days. Lots of little kids hitting formerly great actors in their genitals.

Well, DreamWorks is attempting to buck that trend by hiring Tom McCarthy, the writer and director of the critically lauded Win-Win to pen and direct Home Movies. Home Movies tells the story of a man who is able to go back to big moments in his life via his home movie collection and change his actions, ultimately changing his life. Shawn Levy is producing the script, which was originally written by Jared Stern.

If there are kicks to the groin in this film, I have no doubt they will be tasteful and poignant. (THR)