Win A $25 AMC Theaters Gift Card!

Thursday, May 19 by

Are you not following Screen Junkies on Twitter? Well brotha, you are missing out. It’s the only way to get our breaking news delivered to you in a 140 character or less fashion. Also, sometimes we fight with people over it. Like those spazzes at Holy Taco.

We want you to follow SJ on Twitter, and to persuade you to do so, we’re giving away a $25 AMC Theaters gift card. These days, that’s like at least one 3D IMAX movie! Make your significant other pay for themselves.

All you have to do to enter is follow us on Twitter by clicking HERE. Or right HERE. On Monday we’ll do a roulette style selection with the scroll wheel on our mouse to randomly pick a follower as the winner. Who knows, it could be you. Or your enemy, who you can then befriend only to swindle the card from them. You’re so deceptive.

Good luck, and tweet at you soon.

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