The idea of this feud is much, much funnier than the practical application, but nonetheless, the feud...

On September 15th, William Shatner said in an interview that he thought, "Star Wars is derivative by, what? 10, 15, 20 years?" A damning indictment from a man who urges us to name our own fares on air travel and lodging.

Carrie Fisher, who apparently has some time on her hands, has fired back with:

"It's obvious isn't it? My friend Abe Gurko and I discuss his ridiculous video. Bill Shatner doesn't know what he's talking about but given that he's 80; is it any surprise? Join me in answering Bill's rant and don't forget... he likes to be called Han Solo."

I have no idea what any of that means. What's an Abe Gurko?

At this point, Shatner has taken to addressing Carrie directly in YouTube videos. It's understandable if you're losing interest in this whole exchange by now.

Of course, like everything else these two engage in, there's a lot of self-awareness in this playful back and forth. It may not be important at all, but there's an unspoken law when you start publishing on the Internet: if there's a Shatner story, you have to publish. Laws are laws.