I guess Crispin Glover is a decent replacement for William H. Macy, in as much as Crispin Glover is a decent replacement for anyone. Freaky Deaky has gone through a handful of casting changes, but appears to have landed on Matt Dillon, Brendan Fraser, Craig Robinson, and Katie Cassidy as the other, non-Glover principals.

The Elmore Leonard-based project touches on a number of subjects, but predominately focuses on aging hippie radicals that use their criminal skills to get their hands on some cold, hard cash. Glover will play a movie mogul that is a mark for a pair of hippie con men.

It's hard to know what to make of this pu-pu platter of actors, but the idea of Glover and Frazer bouncing their unique brands of crazy off of the unflappable Craig Robinson is reason enough to get me behind this film. Walter Matthau's son Charles has the pleasure (pain?) of helming this little jaunt. Hope he's wearing a tinfoil helmet.