Odd Thomas
continues its anaconda-like grasp on the entertainment media, today having announced that Willem Dafoe is in talks to play "local police chief." Sexy!

What this means for Tim Robbins' participation in the film is uncertain, as it wasn't disclosed what role he was pursuing. The titular role will be played by Anton Yelchin, and  the role of Stormy Llewelyn is now rumored to have gone to Addison Timlin, despite earlier reports that it had gone to Lily Collins.

Odd Thomas is an adaptation of a Dean Koontz novel that follows Yelchin as he is approached by a murdered and raped girl to help solve and avenge her death. I can only guess that Dafoe's character will be dismissive of and combative with Yelchin until he stops being that way and respects his otherworldly abilities. I say that because that's normally how movies operate. But maybe they'll end up getting a civil union in New Hampshire and opening a candle store. I'm really not familiar enough with Koontz to speculate. (THR)