Director Jon Turteltaub (even when I spell it correctly, it looks like I've misspelled it) has weird ideas about the government. As the director of National Treasure, he gets a whole bunch of folks to try and steal the Declaration of Independence, because rather than being an important historical document, it's actually a treasure map. His new romantic comedy pitch, Unreasonable Doubt, is about two trial jurors who fall in love, because rather than jury duty being bored and a time to get in some Nintendo DS, it's actually a speed dating service.

Unreasonable Doubt, which Turteltaub may direct for Universal, is about what happens when two jurors fall in love in a 12 Angry Men style setting. That sounds a lot like what happens in the phenomenally bad Pauly Shore film Jury Duty. However, Unreasonable Doubt screenwriter Marc Klein wrote one of my least favorite films of all-time, Serendipity, so I'm curious which version of this premise I will hate more. Stay tuned. (Empire Online)