In Zack Snyder's new Superman, the part of Spandexguy himself will sacrilegiously be played by Henry "Brit" Cavill. So it makes sense that a Dane is a top choice for the villain. Okay, a Danish-American, but still. They took our jobs.

Viggo Mortensen (Lord of the Rings) may play General Zod, the villainous scientist who kindly requests we kneel before him. Zod can be seen in 1980's Superman II, where he gets trapped inside a deadly rhombus with his buddies. Mortensen is not a lock for the Christopher Nolan produced reboot, and the actor also might be starring in one of the 5,000 different Snow White films that are casting. However, if they offer him the part, I'm sure Mortensen will offer his sword... (Hollywood Reporter)