What young girl doesn't dream of getting passed around like a doobie between two stoners? Actress Blake Lively must be intrigued by the prospect, because she's the current front-runner to play the female lead, Ophelia, in Oliver Stone's new drama, The Savages.

The film is about two potheads in Laguna Beach who might ultimately be played by Aaron Johnson and Taylor Kitsch. A badass Mexican drug cartel kidnaps Ophelia, forcing the two top dealers to work for them. My understanding is that nobody cries, "mellow out man," and Neil Patrick Harris remains uninvolved.

Stone's first-first choice for Ophelia was Jennifer Lawrence, who chose to play Katniss in The Hunger Games instead, which is thrilling news if you're anxiously awaiting the next Twilight-y series. However, Stone might not get his second choice either, because Lively is also in talks to star as Glinda the Good Witch in Sam Raimi's Oz: The Great and Powerful. Will he have to "settle" for plain ol' Olivia Wilde or Teresa Palmer?

Man, all this casting talk is making me tense. *Takes Bong Hit* (Variety)