Will ‘Tron Legacy’ Teaser Be Attached to ‘Avatar?’

Monday, December 14 by

Rumor around them Internets is that we’ll be seeing a Tron Legacy teaser sooner than expected. This week, actually if the reports are correct. Here’s what a far from credible source had to say on the Tron Sector forum:

"I work as a projectionist for a theater and Disney sent us a message that we will be receiving both "new" Alice in Wonderland and Tron Legacy trailers to be played with Avatar."

You can’t always believe what you read online so take this one with a grain of salt. He could be the same guy who tried to convince me that Samuel L. Jackson’s Jedi name was going to be ‘Retardo Assman.’

It does seem like Tron Legacy is beginning its push. Especially when you consider the images released last week, and AICN‘s report that a new Tron Legacy image will be unveiled on a West Los Angeles street corner today. Let’s hope it’s quality. Lord knows that enough unsightly images are unveiled on Los Angeles street corners everyday. (via Cinema Blend)


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