Will Smith’s Absurd Trailer Bigger Than Yours

Wednesday, May 11 by

Will Smith has come a long way since “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.” He’s one of the top movie stars in the world, and he apparently thinks that entitles him to the biggest trailer in the world while he works hard on Men In Black III – a 53-foot double-decker trailer with the nickname “The Heat.” And apparently the residents of SoHo where the behemoth is parked aren’t grateful for the blessing of a miniature economy sitting in front of their houses – here’s a quote from one SoHo resident, moments before having his mind erased by one of those little flashy things:

“This thing is like a duplex. How would Will Smith feel if I parked that thing out in front of his house? People forget this is a residential neighborhood, not a film lot — that thing is taking up half our gasoline reserve.”

The general consensus appears to be “why does it have to be so big? Can’t Will Smith live with a reasonable trailer, instead of one that takes up three zip codes and at least 8 dimensions?” The answer to this is simple: It has to be this big to fit all the shit into it. For example:

“Inside, it features a full-service kitchen with arched windows, and matched-grain Italian cherrywood cabinetry.  There’s even a space for Smith to have his makeup and wardrobe done.  A satellite uplink on the roof can send Smith’s movies to and from a 50-inch plasma TV or 37-inch TVs that pop up from cabinets.  The trailer also features a 100-inch roll-down movie screen.  Upstairs holds a lounge with a bar, enough office space for 30 people to hold a meeting, and the mobile offices of Smith’s assistant and his personal writing staff.”

So yeah, of course it has to be that big! (The New York Post)

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  1. May 11, 2011 10:24 am


    hoping he puts a roommate wanted ad on craigslist. his trailer sounds awesome.

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