Will Smith Signing On For A Supernatural Version Of ‘Groundhog Day’

Friday, October 25 by

Will Smith is now attached to star in Selling Time, a supernatural thriller that “follows a man who is given a chance to relive the worst day of his life in exchange for seven years off his life expectancy.” It’s a pretty heavy hypothetical and one many people would struggle with. Namely because nobody ever knows what tomorrow holds, let alone what could happen in alternate universe tomorrows. In the case of Will Smith, which terrible day would he relive in order to correct? The day he agreed to do After Earth or the day he decided not to star in The Matrix?

The script was written by DreamWorks Television president Dan McDermott because studio executives aren’t even trying to hide their meddling any more. Currently, there is not a director attached and Smith himself is still in the process of signing on. The deal is expected to be finalized once the details about the size of his trailer and the casting of his kids can be worked out.

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