After Wild Wild West, I thought the Western genre put a restraining order on Will Smith. However, I'm told that such a thing is not possible, and that Smith may ride off into the sunset on a giant metal spider again... and for Quentin Tarantino, no less. Fluzzubah?

Django Unchained is Tarantino's follow-up to Inglorious Basterds, a spaghetti Western about the team-up of a slave and a German bounty hunter, who search for the slave's wife and together take on an evil plantation owner. Samuel L. Jackson and Christoph Waltz are apparently also in talks for major roles, as the house slave to the plantation villain and the bounty hunter, respectively. No surprises with those names. They're regular Tarantino pal-arounds.

Though Smith is Tarantino's top choice, no official deal has been made, and the money-factor could be a problem. Smith commands giant, novelty-sized checks for his movies, and rightfully so, as he's one of the few stars today you can really bank on. Still, Tarantino would save money if he gets Smith's "Willenium Package," which includes his acting services, the acting services of his two children, and a radio-friendly end credits rap.

I bet there's some furious number crunching going on in the Weinstein Co.'s accounting department right now. (Hollywood Reporter)