Will Smith has always taken some pretty odd film roles. Lots of melodramatic roles such as Seven Pounds, and The Pursuit of Happyness, but then when QT offers Smith Django Unchained, he balks, saying the role isn't big enough.

Apparently Ridley Scott's film about NFL concussions IS big enough, because Smith is circling that project. The film is based on a catalytic GQ article called Game Brain that took one of the first critical looks at the epidemic of concussions in the NFL.

Smith would play Bennett Omalu, a Pittsburgh doctor, originally from Africa, who first diagnosed CTE, which is the affliction that results from have having your head stepped on by 300-lb linemen for 10 years. The film is said to have been a whistleblower-type film in the vein of The Insider, but we hope with far less Russell Crowe. Like zero Russell Crowe, if we want to be specific.