Finding three actors to play Curly, Moe, and Larry in the Farrell brothers' upcoming Three Stooges movie is quickly becoming the search for Scarlett O'Hara of this generation. And now, we have a new "likely frontrunner" for the part of Moe, in former "MADTv" castmember Will Sasso. This might not mean anything, though, since I have the sneaking suspicion that the Farrellys are just throwing out names for publicity. For instance, Johnny Knoxville and Hank Azaria have previously been attached to Moe, Andy Samberg has been rumored to be interested in Curly, and (deep breath) Shane Jacobsen, Justin Timberlake, Woody Harrelson, and Larry David have been linked to Larry. The Farrellys have good reason to make sure they get the casting exactly right, since this is such an ambitious project:
"[A] PG film that will be told in three interconnected, short films. The plan will also find the directors recreating classic gags, but re-interpreting them and re-contextualizing them a contemporary setting."

One possible reason for Sasso's being considered so strongly is his sketch comedy background might make him useful in a movie with three interconnected vignettes. Plus, no matter what, it will undoubtedly be funnier than "MADTv." (via The Playlist)