Personally, I would prefer we had a Cloverfield in theaters every Halloween instead of the recent crop of recrudescent genre entries. Sadly that's not the case and it looks like Cloverfield 2 may be further off than we expected.

Since the release of Let Me In, Matt Reeves has a lot more interesting scripts sent his way. So much so, that's he having a hard time picking his next project. Reeves is trying to go with momentum and work out a deal to make his passion project The Invisible Woman. Regardless, one thing is definite. If he wanted to make Cloverfield 2, he'd be making Cloverfield 2. Maybe he's waiting a few years for the found footage shakey-cam craze to die down.

Speculation is that he will once again be offered the Jane Austen by way of George Romano adaptation Pride and Prejudice and Zombies now that Mike White is off the project. Probably from nipple-pinching in development meetings. He looks like the type. (The Playlist)